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What do we do?

What do we do?

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IS/ICT Indicators Area

The three main duties of this area are :

  • To synthesise and analyse Information Society-related indicators and data, structured by sectors and information source, and to a specific eEurope indicators. This area is also in charge of preparing specific reports to assess the different entities and public authorities on the implementation of the Information Society in Spain and the EU.
  • To create, compile and coordinate information sources (national and international) on the Information Society; publish IS indicators, in specific reports and update on the indicator databases on our website.
  • Analysis Service of the Information Technology Sector (SASTI).
  • Supply and leverage of quality information IS.
  • Submission of a proposal for unified Information Society metrics.

Study Area

  • This area is charged with carrying out studies that analyse the development of the Information Society in Spain, in the spheres of households and citizens, enterprises and the Information and Communications Technology sector. Among these:
  • ONTSI Document Management.

Coordination Area

  • This area is in charge of establishing the institutional relations with entities dedicated to the study and analysis of IS, following the guidelines of the General Subdepartment of Institutional Relations.
  • The main projects of this area include the Observatory Network.
  • Internal Management tasks of the Observatory.
  • Management of the ONTSI Website.
  • Strategic and specific IS-related studies.

Project Monitoring Area

  • This area is in charge of monitoring and evaluating the Information Society Promotion Programmes implemented by to:
  • Provide monitoring information on the implementation of programmes developed by to the Monitoring and Evaluation Office of Plan Avanza.
  • Evaluate the impact of the Programmes implemented by for the development of the Information Society.