Number of mobile telephone customers in Spain

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In December 2011, the number of automatic mobile telephone lines exceeded 58 million, which means 3.4% more lines than in December 2010. Out of the total of lines, 56.19 million were mobile lines, 2.8% more than the same date the previous year. Therefore, the mobile telephone penetration rate reached in Spain 121.7%.

The total of 56.19 million mobile lines includes pre-paid lines, post-paid lines and datacards. In the same way, the total of 58 million lines includes all mobile lines (as specified above) plus M2M lines, which in August reached almost 2.51 million.

The number of prepaid lines is 20.18 million, which represents a year-on-year increase of 1.2%; in the same period, the number of post-paid lines increased by 2.9%, reaching 32.62 million lines.


Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT)
Monthly Note of December 2011

Evolution of the number of mobile telephone lines in Spain.

1997 - December 2011

Data provided by operators to the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT).