Households which have Internet access at home

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 The upward trend in this indicator –Houesholds which have Internet access at home- evidences the increasingly generalised phenomenon of technology implementation in households. In fact, according to the data provided by Eurostat, 59% of Spanish households were connected to the Internet in 2010, recording an important growth over the last years. Internet penetration in households has risen by 25 percentage points since 2004.

This trend of increased Internet access in households is also observed at the European level. Particularly, the percentage of households with Internet access was 41% in 2004, while in 2010 this percentage is 70%.

A more detailed analysis reveals that, within the EU-27, Northern European countries record the highest percentages. Holand, Luxemburg and Sweden, which scored values 18 points above the European average, are the countries with the highest household Internet penetration rate. On the contrary, Bulgary, Rumania and Greece are far below the common average.

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Entity: Eurostat

Report: Eurostat ‘Information Society Statistics’

Frecuency: Annual


Number of households, expressed as a percentage of the total, which have Intenet access through any equipment or access technology.




Last update: February 2011
Data provided to Eurostat by the competent authorities of the Member States (Eurostat: Statistical Office of the European Communities responsible for providing the European Union with statistical information at European level and promoting the harmonisation of statistical methods across the Member States)