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Characterization Study of the infomediary Sector (june 2011)

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With the aim of encouraging Public Sector Information (PSI) re-use in Spain, the Spanish Government launched in 2009 the Aporta project Aporta (, promoted by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration and the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

Within the framework of the Aporta project, a pioneering "Characterization Study of the Infomediary Sector" has been carried out in order to identify and characterise the infomediary business sector as the set of companies that create applications, products and/or added-value services for third parties, using public sector information.
This study covers the present lack of studies examining the infomediary business sector in Spain, since this sector presents considerable potential for economic growth, employment generation and development of new services and products with high added value, thereby improving the competitiveness of our economy.

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